28 August 2008

Historicon, Eureka

While walking through the open gaming area Saturday night, I did a double-take as I passed by a table with an in-progress game set up...

Teddy bears.

Wonderful figures, beautifully painted, and a great table set up for a game. I was in a rush, but stopped to get a few quick photos. They are apparently from Eureka Miniatures "Seven Years Picnic" range.


I've still got a few odds & ends from Historicon to post as time permits.

I'm also still getting in some games & taunts for the Marienburg campaign mentioned previously, though my horrible losing streak has become frustrating. I'll be heading out to Erie, PA for a small WFB tournament at a store this weekend.

Painting has been slow. I've finished a few odd figures, and have started working on some terrain. Almost finished those Burgundian pikemen, too.

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