01 October 2009

Mini-Sculpt: Geier

A while ago I mentioned submitting some figures to the Mini Sculpt program at Black Orc Games. The first one is now up on their site:


I should be getting my castings soon, so will have some assembled & painted pics of my own in the near future.

A bit of background...

I started sculpting a group of vulture creatures ages ago for the hell of it, and submitted one of them to the "Visions in Putty" group on one of the Yahoo sculpting lists. (Long.... long time ago.) A few others never got finished. Earlier in the year I heard about Black Orc's program, and figured it would be a great way to see a few things professionally cast, and give me some more motivation to try sculpting again, see how they translate to casting, and hopefully improve.

So, the one at the link above, Geier, was my second attempt. I was aiming for a shambling sort of "horror movie" thing, but wanted to leave the arms separate for multiple posing options, and possibly to eventually do some alternate arms. Originally I was going to try casting this myself, in resin, and pop out a few copies. But along came Mini-Sculpt, and here we are.

So that's the only figure of mine they have at the moment. I've got another "Carrion People" figure about 98% done, and another small group of other figures, also started long ago, that I'm hoping to complete by the end of the year.

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