31 August 2009


The Skaven were my first WFB army way back in 3rd edition, and have been a favorite since then. So I've been waiting anxiously for the 7th edition update. The rumors are finally starting to surface and...

I'm pretty excited! The pics of the new clanrats look great. I've heard various grumbling, mainly around Warseer (the home of whining). But as a fan of the original Jes Goodwin sculpts and art, I think the new clanrats really look like the best and most direct evolution of that original look since then.

I won't comment on the various rumors, since I'd like to remain somewhat skeptical until we see something direct from GW. But from what I'm hearing, I'm excited about the new book as well.

I just dug out my existing Skaven army, and will try to make a few repairs over the next few months. I'll be keeping all/most of the old models, but will be happy to get some new clanrats. After being in storage for a year and a half, I can't figure out how to get three of my plastic clanrat units back into ranks! Some of my WIP slaves have also escaped! I have no idea where they are.

For now it's back to Marienburg, though. I'll need to finish my War Altar for Marauders Mayhem in October, along with some commission work I've been dragging my feet on.

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