31 March 2010

House Cleaning - Stuff for Sale

I'm looking to clear out some stuff that I just don't see myself getting around to painting or using in the near future. (Or in some cases, I just bought too many!) So I'm only interested in selling, no trades. I'm in the US. Sale prices include USPS domestic shipping.

Email me if interested in any of it. My email address is the "name of this blog" @gmail.com

WFB Wood Elves:

In Box/Blister and/or On Sprue:
WE Battalion
Mounted Lord
Box of Glade Riders
Box of Dryads
War Eagle
2x Waywatchers Packs (6 figures)
Old Warhawk Rider Champion

1 Old Warhawk Rider - no rider - primed
1 Old Warhawk Rider - painted
7 Glade Guard Horses (assembled, unpainted)
Extra hooded heads
Extra dryad bits

Retail: Over $250
Cash Sale: $135 includes USPS domestic postage

15mm Late Medieval

15mm Late Medievals (still in packaging, Rank & File):
RM01 48 Pikemen with pikes x2
RM02 48 Billmen x2
RM03 48 Crossbowmen
RM04 48 Longbowmen x2
RM07 50 Dismounted Knights
RM08 16 Knights & Sergeants x2
RM09 16 Medium Cavalry
RM10 16 Mounted Crossbowmen
RM14 Heavy Wheeled Gun (6 Guns + 24 crew)

Loose figures:
20 Crossbowmen (Also Rank & File?)
1 Ribaldquin (Essex MFPE5)
1 Bombard w/ Mantlet (Essex MFPE8)

Retail $235
Cash Sale: $120 includes USPS domestic shipping

WFB Dogs of War

Bronzino & Gallopper Gun box - Open, but never assembled, etc.
Birdmen of Catrazza box -Still shrinkwrapped

Cash Sale: I'm going to put these up on eBay, since they usually go for some fairly ridiculous prices. If someone wants to make a ridiculous offer privately, feel free.

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