30 July 2011

Ideal Game Table Size

Lets say you were thinking of building a gaming table, and the room in which it would be set was pretty large. Let's also say that said gaming table would be used mostly for 28mm gaming, but also some smaller scales on occasion. Let's also say it would be used for a variety of games, and by different people, playing anything from ancient mass battles to 20th century urban warfare.

What reasonable size would you aim for?

All of my tables have been 4'x8' but given the chance, I'd like to try something a bit larger in the future. I think 6'x12' would probably be the extreme limit. Maybe 5'x10'?


  1. My mate Postie's got a 6 x 14 table, we don't always use the full size, but its great when we do. I'd say a 6 x 12, should be big enough.

  2. Heh, oh for the space...

    I usually build 6x4, but then I prefer 28mm skirmish, so sometimes we're only using 4x4 or even 3x3.

    I suppose the main thing I'd want to be careful of was that it was still possible to easily reach the centre, I've a bit of a dodgy back and leaning anything over 3 feet to the middle might be an issue, so i'd stick with 6 feet wide, 6 x 10 or 12 should be more than enough for most things imo

  3. I'd say 6' by 12' as well. We have a large concrete garage that I would love to convert to a games room, and 6 by 12 would fit and still leave a few feet round the edges for gamer bellies.

  4. Well, my table will be 5 x 8 as most games won't exceed that and it's comfortable to use. For bigger games I'll simply lay boards across the table as that will both extend the width and length for those occasional larger games.


  5. There are some thoughts I have about building a table that involve a decision between flexibility & luxury.

    If it's built as one large, single table I'd like to have an outer "ledge" or shelf around the table, for drinks, dice, etc.

    I would also like to have a rim around the outside, and make the table top removable from the "frame" of the table, so that we can have different surfaces (the two I'm thinking of are one natural temperate/arid, the other urban/asphalt.

    On the other hand, I'm also thinking that if it was as large as 6x12 it would be great to build it as three separate 6x4 tables on locking casters, with some sort of latches on the side/bottom, so that they could be used for:

    a. A single 6x12 game.
    b. Three separate 4x6 games.
    c. A 6x8 game with a separate 4x6 "staging area" for reserves, casualties, reference sheets, etc.

  6. Good idea about the ledge. I know that I wouldn't have enough space for that, so I thought of having drawers underneath to hold dice and drinks. Below those would be storage for figures, terrain etc. That might not work with movable sections, though.

  7. If the table is going to stand permanently, why not just build a 6x12, you don't have to use it that size all the time.

  8. I've got a 5x8 and it's pretty cool - 5x 10, if I'd had the space would have been awesome. I think when you get to 6' across you start to have people having issues with being able to reach stuff in the middle and/or hooking bits of terrain and toys with loose clothing that are near the edge of the table when reaching that far. Maybe it depends on the height of it as well....?

  9. The main reason for the possibility of separate tables is for 3 individual games on 4' wide tables. Still not certain whether I would go that way or not.

    As far as 5' vs. 6', I was also thinking 5' would be easier. But I would probably make the table a bit lower. I recall playing at a semi-local store decades ago, and they had a 6'x20' table. It was lower than most tables, so reaching was a little easier. It was still a bit of a stretch, though.

    In any case, I would plan for storage under the table, whether shelves or a combination of shelves and drawers.

  10. Huge tables are cool I guess it just boils down to what games your playing. Back in the day when I used to do alot of apocalypse sized games I had a 4 x 12 table set up in my garage permanently. We'd throw a "T" onto the board sometimes or do an island table with a bridge over to the big board, etc. Sadly its been over three years since I've done a game like that. These days my ideal game table is a 4 x 4 table (almost only Warma-hordes going on).

  11. I say go for a 6x12 of 6x10 depending on your space. If you can reach 3', then it should not ever be a problem.

    And as for a storage ledge, consider having a pull out surface, like a cutting board.

  12. 6' tables can be problematic for reaching the middle of the table (and a bit beyond - which is usually necessary)
    I've gone with 5'x9' (coincidentally the size of a table tennis table!)