06 July 2011


Given all the changes I'm dealing with, maybe I should just consider 6mm gaming?

I do prefer larger scale games. Money, time & space are getting tighter.

Maybe this...


...would give a me good excuse to change gears as well. Given the relatively easy learning curve, I might even be able to get some new blood interested. Not sure how many people I know have any interest in the musket era, though.

Anyone have any opinions on 6mm vs. 10mm? I've never really compared before. I've mostly been a 15mm & 25/28mm guy.


  1. I'm the same in that 15/28mm is range of choice, but Pendraken
    http://www.pendraken.co.uk/ does a pretty nice 10mm which is as small as I would ever consider.


  2. You are too good a painter to move to a scale where your talent cant be appreciated!...I say hang in there at 28/15 as long as you can!
    Best of luck.

  3. I think that you would enjoy 10mm more than 6mm, particularly for H&M era stuff.

    Smaller scale "savings" may be illusionary as well, so keep that in mind. Shifting to skirmish gaming at 28mm might be more reasonable.

  4. I will look into 10mm a little more closely. Last time I looked at 10mm, though, I thought the prices were so close to 15mm, that I figured I would just stick with the 15s. Maybe I will do some comparison (online) window shopping between all three scales.

    I'm going to take a guess that, being in the US, Old Glory is going to be my most affordable 10mm option. Are there any other US manufacturers?

    My plan would be to use the same number of figures as I would for 28s, but scale the bases & everything else down. So I would see a genuine savings, as they should be quite a bit cheaper per figure.

    I'm not really crazy about most skirmish gaming. I prefer the "grand" scale of large battles. I might be tempted by a decent near future or post-apoc (or zombie) type skirmish. But the rules would have to be pretty good.

    John: Thanks for the compliment. I find my painting is actually going downhill lately, as I am so rushed to get anything done. That's actually another factor in considering a scale change. I've worked on various dip recipes and "speed painting" techniques, but I think a smaller scale would get done even more quickly.

  5. Ooh, never mind that one comment. Just compared OG 10mm vs. OG 15mm, and the 10's are half the price!

  6. Well,hang on there a minute about those 10's being so cheap versus the 15's.If you do Old Glory 15's with a bulk order with several people,its an awesome deal.Last Christmas we did an order and hit $400 dollars with three people.That gives a 40% discount(and no army card to buy),so the order actually only cost $260,and with 3 people,its like actual $85 apiece.Also free shipping on orders over $150,so throw that out too.

  7. Good point about the discounts, though I'd definitely be looking to pool together with other people for an order if I go that route.

  8. We'll probably do one around Christmas,so I'll let you know.