19 July 2011

Medieval Burgundians For Sale

Per my last entry, I'm getting a little desperate. I have actually found a new job, which I start in August, and should get my back on my feet again. But in the interest of avoiding losing my car & both our phones any day now, I've still got to raise some cash ASAP. So I've decided to offer up my Burgundians as well as the previously posted Skaven. I hate to do it, but once again, my loss is your gain. I can be contacted at my user/blog name (at)gmail.com


Painted 28mm Burgundians (15th Century Ordonnance, Charles the Bold)

Figures are all painted, mounted on a mix of single and group bases, with infantry having a 20x20 "frontage x depth", and cavalry having 25x50. All bases magnetized. Figures are a mix of at least half being Front Rank, the rest being a mix of Crusader, Old Glory, and Grenadier (Copplestone sculpted figures currently being sold by Mirliton.)

Totals: 167 Infantry, 27 Cavalry, 2 guns
Price includes shipping to most locations around the world.

Photos of many of the figures, both in-progress and finished are available here:

You can also hit the Burgundian tag here for some of it.

64 Archers
30 Ordonnance Pike
25 Low Countries Pike
14 Crossbow
10 Hangdunners
21 Dismounted Gendarmes/Heavy Men-at-Arms
21 Gendarmes
6 Coustilliers
3 Artillery Crew
1 Light Cannon
1 Organ Gun
80mm frontage of pavises on separate bases
180mm frontage worth of stakes on separate bases

The numbers above include command figures, including a suitably ducal looking cavalry figure.

I will also throw in a few unpainted artillery crew figures, since I only ever got around to painting three.

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