01 June 2015

Reconsidering the Project

As I’ve been painting Undeadish and building a table, I’ve been thinking about a lot of the other aspects of my current project, and that has been evolving a lot.

I had started writing up a list of pros & cons for an alternative road to take with the “good guys” and had planned on posting that publicly. But the act of writing it out convinced me to just go ahead with the alternative.

The “good guys” or the “definitely living according to common definitions of life” are going to take on a slightly different character. Initially, I was simply going to use my WFB Marienburgers, and cling to a lot of the background. Previously I decided to transpose most of the general concepts of the city to my own setting. My thoughts on this have continued to evolve, and I have decided that although Marienburg and the existing army will most likely be a part of the narrative, I am going to start with some new ideas, background, and figures from the ground up.

I think it boils down to a few main reasons. One is that I am really getting into the world building and fictional history creation. (Maybe I will try my hand at writing some actual fiction?) The other is that I would like to construct, paint and base a new army from scratch. I think I can also benefit from narrowing the focus of the setting, background, armies, and map(s).

So I have decided to start my campaign in the rural hinterland, and will be using slightly earlier period figures. As much as I enjoy the landsknecht period & style, I’m also (more?) fond of the late 15th century. I also happen to have some unpainted Perry and Front Rank miniatures to form the basis of the army, left over from my abandoned historical Burgundian army. The new focus will also be far more human-centric.

Behind the scenes I have been writing down some outlines & information regarding the setting, and have plotted out some initial battle scenarios. I will be doing these in “chapters,” and don’t want to get too far ahead of actual games, as I’d like the results of the games to determine the narrative and nature of subsequent battles (and further development of the armies.)

I will share some of these details once they are fleshed out some more. At some point, my long term goal is (ideally) to put together an oldschool “campaign pack” with writing, maps, battles. If I can manage -- and this may be a bit of daydreaming -- I wouldn’t mind creating some illustrations and sculpting a few miniatures to go with the campaign.

For now, I have more undeadish to paint, and now some revised planning to do for their opponents’ figures as well. Since I hate to update without a photo of something, here's what my desk currently looks like.

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