21 June 2015

Continuing Terrain Sidequest

A little behind on posting some of this here, but some more WIP photos of the terrain...

A not terribly clear photo of two of the terrain pieces on the board, with figures for scale.

I am currently working on the little rock formations and a few other bits, and testing out some matte varnish on the big round hill set. If the varnish works, then the hills in the pic and the rest of the table top will get a coat or two. (I have also started painting some figures I owe other people.)

When I set up for the pic above, I wanted to put up a backdrop. So now I am thinking about what I can put together for a better movable backdrop (including how to get it up to the table height from the floor.

Also, although I have not noticed any sagging, I am starting to wonder if I should put another shelf unit for support under the middle of the tabletop -- either perpendicular or parallel to the ones on the end -- either might work OK.


  1. I've tried two things for backdrops, both blue skies with clouds. The first was a batch of A3 artists' cards I bought from Office World, as it was then known in the UK. I'm pretty sure you could get them in other stores and places too. The second was a tube I bought from a model railroad shop intended for use as backdrops to a railroad layout. It came with two of them, both something like three feet long by about a foot high - long and narrow. Might be worth a try?

  2. I was thinking of something like that. I may just paint up a backdrop myself. I'm thinking about a couple to fit specifically on the wall where the table butts up against it. Maybe one sky and one mountains/cliffs.

    The stickier wicket is something to put up on the free-standing sides, since I will need a way to hold them upright, and at the height of the table. I could probably put together a simple "easel" sort of stand, but then it seems like it's starting to grow into a project bigger than it needs to be. Maybe a side chair or folding chair?

  3. It's looking really nice. Perhaps a little more colour variation such as a few different greens would be even better.