04 June 2015

Game Club

I'm thinking about starting a gaming club. I'm chewing on some names like Lonely Attic Wargaming, or Lonely Attic Wargaming Group. The former has the advantage of a great acronym ("I am the LAW!") but the latter has an amusing irony, since I will most likely be the only member.

I may even "rebrand" this blog with the name. After all these years, it still doesn't have a proper name. I'd like to redesign the layout & graphics anyway. Maybe even come up with a logo...


  1. Like the house cross section, but not sure what the square represents - is it a dice with only one spot?

  2. I don't know about those club names, they sound like an exclusive club of one person.

    Unless that's the point, in which case both names are great.

  3. Yeah, if you want to be the only member, then go with these names (group being an especially choice addition)

    And what is the thing in the center of the logo?

  4. Yes, it's a die with a single spot. I originally drew it as a regular die (spot centered) but looking at it the next day, I thought it didn't look lonely enough. So I shifted it a bit.

    There are a few real gaming groups around here. But my schedule doesn't really give me much opportunity to interact with normal people. I'm not opposed to having others in my "club," but I'm not sure how to work that out. So it's probably going to be solo or remote gaming.