27 June 2015


I keep a "wanted" list of miniatures and related items. My budget is extremely small, and I'm trying not to outpace painting too much, so items are only slowly removed from the list. I've recently started feeling nostalgic and have decided that I really need to have two pieces of the past that I honestly can't afford. Unless I find some hidden bargain or manage to arrange some sort of swap for figures or painting services, I'm not sure I will be able to cross these off my list any time soon.

The first is the old Regiments of Renown Nightmare Legion. I had this (painted!) when I was younger and bought minis without much concern for focusing on large armies. I eventually sold or traded it away. But now I am dying to get a set for my current project!

The other item isn't actually miniatures. Long, long, loooong ago I worked in a store and we had a (sealed) copy of Ratspike. I should have bought it. I didn't. I've been thinking about it lately, and would really like to get it.

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  1. I also had this when I was a tyke (tike?) and also traded it away (probably for beer money). And like you, I felt the call of the Nightmare Legion in the solitary watches of the night. Eventually I found a semi-inexpensive set going on eBay. Can't wait to paint them up... Good luck with your hunt.