10 June 2015

Next Addition?

I just sold some other gaming stuff, so I'm going to take a small portion of the proceeds and treat myself to one last small addition to the Undead. Still undecided what to do, but here's what's under consideration.

  1. Two skeletal ogres and the old Tom Meier undead dragon, from Ral Partha Europe.
  2. Another batch of the Bane Thralls to convert.
  3. Get started on rounding out the "good guys" with a box of Perry WotR minis.
  4. A few Reaper giants I'd like to get.

That's roughly in order of my current preference.

My plan is to wrap up the "first wave" of Unead/ish as soon as possible. I think I'm pretty close to having a decent selection to use for small games. (Should I ever get to the point of actual gaming.) My plan is to use them in "units" of 4 bases. In the future that could get scaled up to 6 bases per unit. I may also add in new troops to the mix, depending on how things evolve.

The next stage of painting will be the Marienburg faction. I'm really anxious to start, but still haven't decided on colors, etc. I did make up my mind to follow through with using the 15th century figures for the militia/rural troops and add the existing (and new!) landsknecht "puff & slash" guys later. I've already got most of the figures I will need, but would like to pick up a few boxes of Perry WotR plastics to round things out a bit. The new light cavalry and a box of dismounted knights are at the top of my list.


  1. I like the skeleton ogres and dragon option, as it adds "new" units, rather than plumping up the ones you have. Particularly in a solo-ish gaming situation, you want to have as much in the way of option as you can squeeze in I think.

  2. Zombie dragon is surely a must have

  3. The dragon & skeletal ogres are ordered and should hopefully make their way across the sea in the next few weeks.