28 July 2015

Nightmare Legion Test

I primed the Nightmare Legion and.... disaster. The dreaded "fuzzy" primer. It's not too bad but still noticeable even after I took a stiff brush to some of the figures to paint up as a test. I painted up a few, and thought they looked OK. You can't tell too much in the photos, or on the gaming table, but I can see the texture in places when I pick the figures up and look closely. Now that I've been contemplating it for another day or so, I'm considering the dreaded task of stripping the remaining figures and re-priming. Here are the test subjects:


  1. At standard figure distance, they look great. I advise you that life is short, paint new figures.

    The real question is can you stand it though? If you can not, then repaint.

  2. I don't plan on repainting these four painted guys, just debating stripping the ones that are still primer.