02 April 2016

April Painting Challenge

I enjoyed the March painting challenge, and although I didn't actually paint anything, the idea of Deadcember was one I could get behind if I had any time.

So April... I'm just making this one up, since I can't really work "giants" into any amusing wordplay involving a month, nor does anything come to mind for a good April theme, other than the Fellowship of the Ring ("Fly you fools!") -- which I don't have any plans for. So giants it is. This may be a one man Big April Challenge.

I just spent a bit of time cleaning my favored victims subjects. From left to right, Warploque, Marauder, and Ultraforge.

I didn't expect to have any spare time this weekend, so getting to work on these was a pleasant surprise. It looks like I may have another spare hour or two, so I may either clean up the Reaper Colossal Skeleton as well and/or start assembling these.

Edit: Got them assembled, still need to do a bit of gap filling & patching though.


  1. Easy theme for this locality: April is Baseball season, and baseball here means Giants...

    Are you going to have uniform bases for these guys?

    1. Uniform bases? Like MLB uniforms? Haha.

      All of these "2XL" giants are going on 80mm square bases because they're too big for 50mm, and 80mm is the lowest common denominator. I've seen the Marauder giant squeezed on smaller bases for the sake of WFB "official" standards, but I'm pretty sure it is the second heaviest figure I've ever worked with, and has a high center of gravity. I don't want him tipping over all the time, so even though 80mm seems large for him, I think it's for the best.

      My giants seem to fit into three sizes. These "2XL" on 80mm, and others on 50mm - "XL" being the giants of Albion and my own rat giant, and the size "L" being most of the skeletal giants, Reaper giants, etc. After I get these big 'uns painted up (or whatever I finish in a month) I'll take a group photo.

  2. Two base sizes seems like a good compromise for all of these various giants.