19 April 2016

The Big Guy

I finished up the painting on the Marauder giant, but can't decide what to do for the base. While I give that a bit of thought, I've started on the next giant -- the Ultraforge giant.

He's the largest giant I've got. Pretty well sculpted, though not as nicely cast as the Marauder or Warploque giants. He required the most clean-up of the four I'm attempting to paint this month, and there are still some visible mold lines/slips. The resin is lightweight, which is a nice change from awkwardly handling the lead Marauder giant while painting.

The big guy is mostly flesh surfaces, so I'm trying to keep that interesting. I put a bit of work into that tonight, but still have more refinement & clean-up. His face still looks a bit like raw meat. (Not that that's entirely a bad thing...) The colors aren't quite coming through in the pics, but I hope they give a good idea where it's going.


  1. As someone who can't paint flesh very well I'd say yours looks fine & dandy....raw meat & all :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. That skin is fantastic -- flabby, scary and unhygienic. And the face really takes the cake -- I love how the viewers eye is drawn right into his eyes. Well done!