18 April 2016

Further Progress and Further DIstraction

It was a busy weekend, but the weather was beautiful and our family spent a bit of time outside doing some "Spring cleaning." I also did a bit of overdue sanding and spraying outdoors before bringing in one of my mid-life-crisis projects back indoors for the evening to dry completely.

Our fifth wedding anniversary was this past Autumn. I had been talking -- like any 40-something in his right mind -- about a skateboard, and the traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood, so.... my wife got me a gift card for the local skate shop. I picked up the deck & hardware I wanted, but had planned on stripping & repainting the deck. I had been planning on painting something interesting on it, but figured that would drag the process out for another year, so instead I dug out some cans of metallic black I've had sitting around for years and started laying down some primer & finish coats and will keep it simple. It'll just get scraped up anyway. Mind you, I haven't been on a skateboard in over twenty years. But I did ride & kick around a bit before the weather turned cold for Winter, and I survived without injury. So the hardware goes back on tomorrow and we'll see if I can avoid breaking anything. Bones, I mean. I have far more confidence in my ability to put a skateboard back together.

I am up late tonight, trying to catch up a bit of the Marauder giant, and he's finally coming together. I did take a few shortcuts. I would guess about 90% of the painting is done. Refining a number of areas, details, etc. and then on to the base.

I had started writing up some background for him, but didn't like the way it sounded. So I will get back to that at some point.


  1. He is looking stellar! Nice looking skateboard too. That is something I tried as a kid and never got the hang of. It would have probably helped if all my available roads hadnt been gravel. LOL

    1. Thanks.

      I honestly wasn't terribly talented on a skateboard either. I was comfortable on one as a kid/teen, but more as transportation, with the occasional downhill racing or stupid jumps. But I never got much in the way of tricks & acrobatics. And I'm not going to pretend that middle aged me will either. I just thought it would be fun to mess around a bit and help motivate me to be more active. I'll just stay close to the ground.

      I did reassemble it and hope to get my sea legs this week.