09 April 2016

Progress and Distractions

I made a bit of progress on the Marauder giant. Although the photo doesn't show it, I'm happy with some of the subtle colors on the flesh. That was something I wanted to try out a bit before tackling the Ultraforge giant, which is a bit more fleshy. In 2D painting, I've used a lot more color on flesh. I'd like to see how I can incorporate that into larger figures.

I'm stuck trying to decide whether to go with the typical rag-tag look of randomly stitched together fabrics for his clothes, or whether to do something slightly more "coordinated." The clothing has obviously been tailored in some way (look at the shoulders!) and he's also wearing giant-sized jewelry that someone presumably had to create. So maybe the clothing was (roughly) made to order. Maybe he's a giant with some degree of mercenary success and an ambition to flaunt his wealth like the other mercenaries.

I've been thinking about counters. Wound counters, nerve counters, etc. I've been using small skull beads and other tokens for a while, but since the games I'm currently interested in have larger numbers to track, I'm thinking about counters that will blend in. So I'm considering building some DIY dials, with the top made to look like casualties from my various armies.

A very rough sketch shown below, using pre-cut wood discs and a bit of dowel I may be able to make my own dials. Today's experiment ended poorly, however, as my hand drill had troubles staying on center. What I need is a drill press, and then to make a jig to hold the discs in place. But I don't think that's practical in terms of space or expense, so I'm now considering alternative designs. Maybe rectangular markers with a round disc like the option on the left would be better?

So, frustrated with both giant fashion design, and wound/nerve tracking dial engineering, I stuck with painting some vampires for commission/trade...


  1. I love the idea of the wound counter but what strikes me is the very rich skintones you achieved on this guy so far !

  2. Don't forget that you can trap any circle in a square - a square jig is pretty easy to make out of any strip material. It's also easy to mark the centre of the square using the diagonals. I would drill right through both discs and then sand the dowel to fit flush rather than try to control the depth drilled.

    I'd love a drill press though, now you suggest it!

  3. Drill press and either a band saw or a scroll saw would both be great. And space to keep them. I currently get by with the handheld drill & jig saw, the latter (and sometimes the former) used out in the yard when weather permits.