02 August 2016


I don't usually watch much TV, but after reading an article about the new Netflix series, "Stranger Things," my wife and I started watching it as a way to relax a bit after our long days of work, moving, cleaning, unpacking, etc. It's fairly short -- just eight episodes. But it hit all of the right buttons for me: nostalgia, retro-pop-culture allusions, and geekery. The setting was a little more small-town than where I grew up, but it was the right time period, and it still felt familiar enough. We both enjoyed it quite a bit.


  1. I binged that over a day and a half. It was fantastic. I loved it. It felt like I was watching a movie while I was a kid. :)
    We have to get a game in when you figure out things. Do not retire again just yet.
    Bill Hallam

    1. After watching I immediately wanted to get a few people together for an oldschool d&d campaign.

      Where are you at theae days?

  2. Still in Butler, PA. Struggling forward after a bad two years. Lots of time to game and such. Do you ever head to any cons out your way or game stores. A friend of mine is investing in a new game store somewhere around the avon(sp?) lake area near Cleveland I think. I can get you better info soon. Otherwise painting and modeling as much as I can with little focus.
    Ogryn@hotmail.com if you want to take it off the blog.