16 February 2017

Scrobbleton Jackrabbit Trading Company

Since returning to the hobby, I've had a long term goal of putting together my own take on an oldschool story driven campaign pack or packs. The plan would also include running these games both for myself (either solo or with friends) and optimistically hosting them at events as well.

The specifics have drifted back and forth quite a bit. OK, a lot. But at this point I've got a good start, and its time to start solidifying the ideas. While I plan on creating scenarios with specific forces, etc. I have also decided to re-write some army lists both for my own guidance (not that I have to stick with them,) and maybe for using with friends at some point.

The concept has wandered as my interest has, and so the thing has grown from two factions -- Marienburg vs. the Undeadish, to four and a half:

  • Marienburg
  • The King of Old (undead)
  • Fomorians (more or less, Fimir in WFB terms)
  • Zogmar (his warband is the "half")
  • The Jackrabbit Trading Company. 

The latter, as I have previously written, is the security arm of a trading company based in the Wasteland -- Marienburg's hinterland -- and is based on the unconventional concept of mercenary hobbits. I've got further back story behind all of that, I will write it down eventually.

I previously posted (I think) my re-written draft for the Fomorians in WFB 3rd. I have also come up with a Kings of War list for them. I've moved on to the Jackrabbit Trading Company, here's my initial thoughts on a WFB list:

(Dammit, blogger won't embed Google Drive PDFs. How naive of me to expect Google products to cooperate with each other. Well, I switched it to a link now.)

Some thoughts: The multiple +3 shock elites seem excessive, but they really just put some of the hobbits on nearly equal standing with other armies/races that are a bit more... capable. The major point being that it give them access to at least some "elite" troops with WS3 and S3. I figure the usual halfling profile assumes regular militia types -- and that will still be the bulk of the less experienced caravan guard. Small, sedentary, more inclined to missile fire, skirmishing, and avoiding combat in the first place. But perhaps after some experience fighting off bandits, raiders, and creepy one-eyed swamp perverts, some of the company has developed at least a slight knack for combat. The S2, in particular, is going to be a killer when facing T4 & T5 troops. I wanted to give them at least something to work with!

Related to this, I've (slowly) started painting the Westfalia halfmen miniatures. :)


  1. Nice to see this taking shape!

    Had the same thought about +3 shock elites, but going for the S3 is a thing, and it's in character for the army. Surprised not to see higher missile elites, actually. One of the counters to high T troops will be outnumbering them and throwing buckets of dice, though?

    I think as a list you will use yourself, it's fine. If releasing it into the wild I'd be tempted to further define a few things, perhaps to remove the temptation to field an army of halfling crossbowmen or somesuch (if you feel that is"unhalflingy"). I would definitely suggest making the General always a Halfling, and possibly limiting the level of Human characters to keep them subordinate, but that's just my take on your fluff, so whatever ;) Also - no giant chicken mounts??? :D

    1. I thought the BS4 was good already and figured I would focus on them having multiple ways to field missile troops instead -- skirmishers, scouts, light cav.

      There are definitely some changes coming. I've been thinking of a few. No chickens for me. ;) I like the idea of a required halfling general. In my background (which I will write further) the Little Country from which they come has a human population as well, but they are a minority. So that's why they're a part of the main list. I forgot to put in some human cavalry too -- another change for the next draft.

  2. Fantastic! As you know, I sort of glommed onto your idea with the Muffins thing. I also have a bunch of the effin cool halflings. I hope you don't mind, but I downloaded your lists to read through them better. I wholeheartedly support your idea to game this locally and maybe I'll get a chance to play it with you some day.

    1. Revised draft of the list will be coming soon!

      I like the Effin Cool figures, and would like to pick up some more sometime soon. I think they make a good irregular or militia compliment to the better equipped Westfalia "regular" or liveried troops I'll be using for the bulk of the JTS troops. They'll get mixed in with some of the old Citadel, Grenadier, Black Tree, Goblin Factory, and other hobbity odds & ends I've got.