11 February 2017

Short on Patience, Big on Lead

I don't have the patience to wait for the bases. I've been scraping together time when I can (mostly at ridiculous hours of the night, when I should be sleeping -- like now) to finish a few of the little people. I'll post better pics once the bases are done and I look them over for final touch up's when I'm more awake...

Left to right are a White Knight speardwarf, an old Marauder dwarf, and the Effin Cool halfling I posted (unpainted) pics of a week ago. (Thanks to Blue for the dwarfs!) I cut some corners on painting these, but I think that's what things are coming down to at the moment if I want to get more than one figure done per month.

I also made another acquisition. An old Tom Meier/Ral Partha giant. Cloud Giant, according to Orclord's sodemons/solegends page. It's my favorite of the old Meier giants, and I've been hunting around for a good deal for a while. I'm going to try cleaning it up a bit more and putting it aside for my second annual giant month.


  1. Nice work. I still have my Effin Cool Halflings staring at me accusingly. Nice score on the Meier Giant too.

  2. I had this guy when I was a kid. For some reason I remembered him being a Mountain Giant, not a Cloud Giant. Nice score.

    1. I have some old Ral Partha catalogs packed away somewhere. If i come across them I will have to look it up out of curiosity.