20 January 2018

Giant! (a game)

Revisiting an old idea for a game.

Drawn by the smells of the alehouse and sizzling wurst, a giant is lumbering (possibly drunkenly) towards/into the village/shire/whatever. The militia gathers and makes its stand. Individually, the hobbits may be small and weak, but the cumulative effect of their steadfast defense just may be enough to hold off the super-sized raider.

It will be like Ogre for fantasy skirmishes. But also not. 

Edit: It could really be any asymmetric battle... dragon & kobolds, Goremaw & goblins, etc. I happen to like painting & collecting giants and Hobbits.


  1. It sounds like a marvellous idea.

  2. Awesome stuff....our GIANT game is still one of the best games I've ever took part in. I was so lucky most of them were drunk. LOL ;)

  3. Cool idea, I'd like to hear more about it.

  4. Thanks. I've started jotting down an outline of a turn sequence and stats. My ideas are pretty simple and should fit on just a few pages. I'll put them here on the blog when I've got my "beta" rules ready.