26 January 2018

Old Half-baked Photoshoppery

I was looking through Photobucket looking for some old photos, and came across what I can only describe as dumbass half-baked Photoshoppery from years past -- I think all of it done as lame attempts at being sarcastic (or whatever) at warhammer-empire.com.

I think the first was a string of ideas regarding casting the old Angry Bear spell on a cannon, I think with also "flaming attacks" for some reason. I think it was inspired by (and part of) a discussion about conceptually weird rule combos that popped up in games. Taken literally, I guess. I don't entirely remember. It was a long time ago. Anyway, on to the pictures...

Oh... wait... no. I can't show you that photo, because when I click on it or download it (even within my account), Photoshop gives me their extortion image instead -- in spite of vehemently denying that they are "holding images hostage." (They have also removed the option to download entire folders -- you have to do it image by image now. That option disappeared soon after the whole 3rd party hosting fiasco, as people - myself included - tried relocating their photos.)

At any rate, there was a photo of a flaming, angry bear being fired out of a cannon. Poorly photoshopped. By me.

The rest worked. By "the rest" I mean my ridiculous evolution of the ideas. Like flaming angry polar bear pigeon bombs.

Obviously a benefit to the Imperial arsenal. Just like the flaming angry panda bear blunderbuss.

I don't remember what the next one is, but it seems about as Oldhammer as it gets, and probably predates the term Oldhammer. Squat Zoat Cavalry, Riding Fire Breathing Space Manitee. Truely art. Use it in your next RT game.

I'm not going to post the full evolution of the pike-asus, just the start and end. Again, the origin is hazy. Maybe someone brought up the idea of a pegasus rider armed with a pike, and I took it down it's (il?)logical highway?

You really didn't need to look any further than the flaming panda bunderbus, but I thank you for your perseverance. I will return to making quality posts ASAP. Or at least pictures of painted miniatures & things like that.


  1. Those are hilarious! The zoat had me loling.

  2. Could you do one with a Chinese, bamboo eating bear, crossed with a German tank? A....Pandzer as it were.

    1. Hahaha. Sounds like a great idea for a model too.

  3. Amazing stuff!

    Re: Photobucket, I found this cheap as chips Google Chrome extension to download 100 images at a time... works fine for me :)


    1. Thanks. I will have to try that. I can host elsewhere, it's just a hassle getting all the old images. I think I've got them archived on CDs... somewhere. But probably just as much a hassle (and time waste) to find them as it would be to download individual files off PB.