19 January 2018

more Stuff! In the Mail!

Another installment of Stuff! In the Mail!

This time, stuff I paid for. From Krakon Games' recent Kickstarter, a few more skeletal ogres. One is a new variant of Slanga. I previously painted the old version. I got two of the new mini, one to leave as-is, and one to repose/convert.

Ugh. I took & cropped this photo with my phone, but now that I see it on a larger screen, I see how out of focus it is. Whoops!

Four figures? What? Oh yeah... I also picked up Krakon Games' "Queenie, Killer Cyborg" as an addition to my Diverse Meat Hating Robot Pirates. I think she'll fit in well with my tiny collection so far --  and the robots I still plan to buy.

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