02 February 2018

Krakon Games Skeleton Ogres

Krakon Games skeleton ogres. I previously painted the one on the right. I can't seem to get decent photo of these gents to save my life. The two on the left are more recent arrivals from the last KS.

I picked up a duplicate of the one in the middle and plan on converting that one with a different pose/weapon.

For what it's worth, Krakon are becoming another favorite source for unique miniatures. Obviously I like the skeletal ogres, and I've previously posted pics of Morrighu. I really recommend checking out the web site and Facebook page a follow ( https://www.facebook.com/KrakonGames/ ) you'll see some cool minis with a bit of an oldschool flavor.

As much as I've been enjoying my own Fomorian conversions, I'm tempted to put that on hold and pick up some of the Krakon Fomorian raiders, especially since they fit with certain old lead miniatures much better than my own. I had better start saving my pennies...

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