04 February 2018

More Mo Death

Maurice has summoned some more skeletons.

I thought this would be the last of them to be painted, but as I was digging around (unsuccessfully) looking for a old metal skeleton to act as a champion, I came across enough bits to assemble eight more. So the Mo' Death Skeleton Commandos will soon be expanding from 24 to 32. (Or even more if I can find one or two oldschool metal champs that fit with the unit.)


  1. I'm sure there's a "Black Mass" pun in here somewhere... ;)

    Maurice could definitely use a Champion or even a minor Hero to give the unit a bit more punch and maybe act as a bodyguard.

    Do you see Mo's force expanding beyond one unit? If you could track down some compatible skelly archers or even crossbowmen that would be a nice fit.

    1. I've been a avoiding skeletal shooters, I'm not sure how I feel about that. For some reason the idea of them bashing opponents with hand weapons seems rudimentary enough, but missile weapons seem like a step up in complexity (especially crossbows.)

      For now I think I like the idea of this being more like a single Regiment of Renown. I do still want to add a champion, though. I think I may have an idea for that...