06 February 2018

OMFG and Shrooms

I've decided to start getting organized with some of my fantasy gaming ideas, and will be doing so publicly. The first project is organizing & publishing my ideas for games focused on mercenary units. Thus is born....

So far I've just started laying out the skeleton of the page, listing some mercenary units and filling in background, photos, basic rules, etc. on some of them. A lot more work to come.

As I was working on the OMFG page the past few days, I thought I would dig out some old minis. Apparently Fried (pronounced "Freed"), the half-orc shaman/mycologist...

...may have discovered the secret of animating fungus...

Hallucination of an altered state of mind? Assembling an army of fungamal minions? A bit more about them later.


  1. Firstly, OMFG, that's an amazing idea AND an amazing acronym :)

    Secondly, I must be hallucinating, else those fungi folk are engaged in formation dancing... ;)

    1. Thanks. I spent a ridiculous amount of time & thought trying to come up with a name for the mercenary project. :)