25 February 2018

Return of Map-O-Tron?

When I made some of the maps for the Warhammer-Empire.com campaigns, I joked around calling myself Map-O-Tron. I enjoy making maps, and have missed doing watercolors in general. I'm feeling the itch again. Not sure that time will cooperate with me, but we'll see. Plus my mind has been wandering with the idea of fleshing a campaign setting further. (Related to the OMFG site I started putting together.)

I'm waffling again. I started with the idea of an alternate Warhammer setting. (Hence 1/2 the reason for using the term "Althammer.") At one point, I was on board to completely toss the Warhammer setting entirely, since I want to do away with a lot of the baggage that comes with it. But then I went back, and now... well... still not sure. Maybe I will do an AltMapHammer. Below is the Warhammer area I'm working with, along with the alternate map I toyed with previously. The big question is which way to go...

The thing about the "Alt" is that my ideas really feel stuck dead center between the actual Warhammer setting, and my own ideas. I think part of the reason I retreated to the Old World rather than a unique setting is that I was trying to build the entire world at once. Still, I'd probably recycle a lot of the 'hammer stuff. Maybe I just need to let go of that and focus on the local region, and keep the remainder pretty vague.

In either case, I want to start putting things down on a map. At least in rough form. Maybe more...

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