18 February 2018

Troll Clean-Up

They didn't really require much clean-up, as they were pretty crisp castings, but I cleaned & assembled the two sets of Drew Williams (Satyr Art Studio) trolls. The weather was nice this weekend, so I thought I would get them primed. But I didn't get them done in time, and the nose-picker still needs a little bit of putty at the elbow joint. Will have to finish prepping them soon.

I plan on painting them with mixed flesh tones, similar to both the half-orcs and giants I've previously painted. This now has me considering stripping and repainting my old Marauder trolls in a similar manner (as well as trying to get the other two in the set.) These were painted a good 25+ years ago.

1 comment:

  1. Stripping and repainting them would certainly help them blend with your newer ones.