28 April 2020

Half-Orc Bruiser & Stuff! In the Mail!

I need more (half-) orc bruisers for my Sellswords & Spellslingers games. I have a small stash of Reaper Bones orcs that were slated for conversion to Fomorians. But since that project has taken a back seat lately, I figured it wouldn't hurt to paint a couple of them up to add to the horc force.

I've got a second one on the painting table, and I'm considering trying a few conversions for variety.

Stuff! In the Mail!

I got a small batch of Cauldron Born Miniatures figures from the Rise of the Powrie KS. Awesome looking figures. Along with the Midlam hobgoblins I've been painting recently (and there are more of those already started on the painting table...) these are some of my favorite recent figures - and I haven't even started painting them. Yet.

I love the painted examples on the KS page, and I'm tempted to try to paint them in similar colors. However, I'm also thinking of red instead. My thought is to use them as an alternate/generic pre-RoC oldhammer/althammer daemon regiment. I will probably paint a single test figure first.

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