04 April 2020

More Sellswords (Solo games 2-4)

After the first game of Sellewords and Spellslingers, I had to restart half of my party as 2.0 versions of themselves. I wanted to give them a second chance since I felt they had been killed by dice and never really got a chance to prove themselves.

For the second scenario, I chose Defend the Villiage, which seemed a little more tame and appealed to my fondness for the Seven Samurai. I set everything up and drew a card for the antagonist and...

Well, I don't have an minotaurs. So I dug around and found a mutant rat ogre! (Boneripper?) Close enough. It's big, has a horn or two somewhere on its body...

The set up.

Several quick dice rolls later he's dead from a fireball and several arrows stuck in his fresh corpse. Game over in moments. The total opposite of the previous game, I made every die roll by a long shot.

So between the two games, I'm a little concerned about the impact of dice on gameplay, while still trying to understand that I rolled mostly 7 and lower in the first games, and nothing but 17 - 20 in the second. Again -- no rules can account for that sort of one-sided rolling.

I decided to replay the same scenario (I spent more time setting up the table than playing the game!) again but with a new draw on the monster cards.


Ratmen it is.

After the mutant rat ogre was easily defeated, nearby Skaven agents heavily increased pressure on the small villiage of Geenberg. The Low Rollers, the heroes who defeated the mutant beast had not even left town when the attack began, so they were caught in the middle of a second battle for Geenberg. In spite of poison gas traps and ambushes, the barely adequate heroes managed to defeat the verminous horde, and rescue the townsfolk once more.

Another tense and dramatic Sellswords scenario, a second run through of Defend the Village, the ratmen seemed like an easy win but (like the first scenario) a ton of botched activation rolls (and fumbles like broken bow strings, etc. again) made me seriously concerned for the team's survival again. They barely pulled this one off again. I'm now dumping XP into the Hero trait...

I played one more game after this, but failed to record it with photos. For game 4, I played The Healer, and it went pretty easy I managed to knock out most of the bandits, with just two more entering off the perimeter and being dispatched pretty quickly.

It's been two weeks now, but I'm hoping to pick back up with a few more games this weekend. I'm thinking Sellswords might be a good gateway to try to get my wife & daughter into miniatures gaming...

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  1. It seems quantity over quality is better for the game. At least for the baddies