18 January 2010

Figgybloggy awards & more

After placing my vote in the "Figgybloggy Best of the Year Award" I was thinking about how I find new blogs by following links from comments on other blogs, or at various forums (fora?) around the web. I always enjoy finding new stuff.

So, although I voted for only one, as the rules stipulate, there are really quite a few good blogs I follow. I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites, in case some people who may be reading this haven't seen them...

Iron Mitten. As I said with my vote at the above link, in addition to all the painting, gaming and commentary that I love about many blogs I follow, I really look forward to each new drawing/cartoons.

BigRedBatCave. I only wish I could paint like Simon (and Greg.) Big games and a lot of great looking figures. My favorite kind of gaming. Almost as much of a painting (and modeling and army) reference as it is a blog.

Carmen's Fun Painty Time. Almost like the opposite end of the spectrum from BigRedBatCave. Smaller projects with a lot of individual attention. I also enjoy reading the insights into the creative process as well as other occasional non-miniatures diversions.

So in further in the spirit of sharing good finds, anyone who would like to recommend or comment on other blogs that I've not mentioned, feel free to reply and share. My own list is a bit biased by my current interests, which probably rank something like 75% ancients & medievals, 20% fantasy and 5% other, but feel free to recommend any genre/period/scale of miniature gaming.


  1. My top-three wargaming blogs of the year gone:

    1. The Wargaming Depot
    The centrepiece of the blog this year has been a Napoleonics campaign set in Russia in 1812 using 6mm miniatures
    2. Campaigns of General W.A. Pettygree
    A truly great story-telling style detailing the exploits on some savage north-west frontier
    3. Lonely Gamers
    Top notch stuff on a huge variety of topics.

  2. Cheers Z23! Although I'm obviously a fan of my own blog, I have nothing to put up against Iron Mitten's superb cartoons.

  3. As an experiment I set up a Blog of Blogs! :-)

    Seems to work quite well:


    Yes, you're in there!! :-)

  4. Hi Steve, I saw it; I've been looking at it every day or so.

  5. Steve,
    re. http://wargamesblogs.blogspot.com/
    You might want to allow comments for new suggestions or changes

  6. Thanks Z23 for the kind words and i'm glad you like the drawings, Secundus.