15 January 2010

Spanish Scutarii

I finished basing the unit of ancient Spanish scutarii I recently finished over at the Paint Machine blog. You can look there if you're interested in step-by-step photos or further commentary.

Figures are a mix of Old Glory and Crusader.

These scutarii figures are pretty good. I'm always wary of Old Glory, especially considering their poor/non-existent photos on their web page(s). But the scutarii are pretty good. They've got a significantly different (and more uniform) look than the Crusader figures. All three look more like the illustration (112) labeled "Celtiberian Scutarius" in "Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars" where the Crusader figures all seem to have more the expected (for me) Iberian looking equipment. But mixed together, I like the irregular look. Sadly, there are only 3 poses in the OG pack of 30. I think Crusader offers 8 plus command.


I'm continuing to consider my next purchase. Even though I'm still working on Romans. ;)

As others have also suggested, I'm leaning towards Successors. I keep flip-flopping on the particulars. One day it's early, maybe Antigonid... a few days later I'm thinking about a later Ptolemaic army. Probably best to stay generic, especially since my phalanx will be the typical Macedonians available through Crusader.

I think that in return, I'm going to try to fund that purchase by selling off my WFB Wood Elf army. It's almost entirely unpainted, and all the newer stuff is still in boxes or on the sprue. I've also got a bit of the old "classic" 3rd edition Wood Elves, though I'm not sure if/how those will sell. Kids today... all they want is the latest & greatest. ;)

It's not like I'm itching to get rid of the WE army. I just don't see myself getting around to painting it for another decade. I like the concept of playing a totally different style of WFB army, but who knows what will happen by the time I actually apply some paint to it. And I'm not an unpainted army kind of guy, so it won't get fielded until it's at least mostly done. In that fictional future.

Ancients, on the other hand... I'm much more excited to paint them. I'm also itching to paint some landsknechts. I should have a few of the Artizan figures on the way, so I'll paint a few test/comparison figures when they get here. Sadly, though, I've got to hold off on a major Artizan landsknecht purchase for a while longer. Must stay focused!

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