06 January 2010

Lictor Conversions

My fiance got me the complete Rome series for Christmas, so we've spent a good part of the past few weeks vegging out in front of the television with it. She's addicted now, too. :)

At some point while watching the series, I got the idea, "hey, I need some lictors for my consul/general!"

I immediately thought of conversions using the Wargames Factory "Numidian" set of figures and...

The arms holding the faces had the shoulder joints cut & shaved dowb a bit, for better positioning (closer to the body). Then they were glued & filled. I used green-stuff to give the tunic sleeves. The fasces are made of 20 gauge florist wire and a small bit of cardboard for the axe head (cut from a box of W&N "Nut Brown" ink that I had at my painting desk!) and then "bound" with some 24 (or was it 28?) gauge florist wire. The whole bundle is held together with a drop of CA glue and was a pain to keep together. I'm disappointed that the one on the right spread apart a bit at the top. I should probably put more binding on the fasces - I may try, but I'm not sure if I can do it now that they're glued on the lictors.

I hope to have them painted soon. In the meantime, I'm working on the next "Paint Machine" project, a unit of ancient Spanish Scutarii, at... http://paintmachine.blogspot.com/


  1. Great idea! Nice conversion Thomas!

  2. Ditto the great idea.

    The green stuff sleeves also work well when using Numidian arms on Roman bodies.