31 January 2010

Artizan Landsknechts

Below are a couple pics of some of the new Artizan landsknechts. I've only got a couple of them (for now) and the pics are a sneak peak from an article I'm working on, but since these figures are so new, I wanted to share a bit.

They're very nicely sculpted, and well detailed. Of the 4 castings I have, only one had a significant amount of flash.

Like I said... more later...


  1. They look very nice and are on my to do list sometime in the future.:-)


  2. Nice work as usual! And these guys are on my list too ! :D

  3. they look very cool, the sculpting is nice and the painting of course, too

    der Taunussteiner

  4. look nice!

    how do they compare to Foundry and GW figures?

  5. They fit very well with Foundry and GW. I've got brief comparison article & photos coming soon.

    They seem a little larger with bigger detail than the Foundry, but not quite as big as GW. I found them very easy to paint due to the larger detail.

    I definitely plan on picking up a bunch of the regiment deals as soon as I'm caught up on my ancients.