02 January 2010

Rome Marches On. And a Pug

Over the holidays I've painted yet another unit of Romans. Minor differences this time. Changed the way I paint the shields, used P3 paints "Brass Balls" instead of the Vallejo Gold, and I cut off the crests to see how that would look.

Also painted a pug. It was from a set of "familiars" from Reaper miniatures. He's on a 20x20 base, if that gives an idea of scale. A bit bigger that a real pug would be, when compared to 28mm human figures.

What's on my painting table at the moment?

More Romans, of course. Also Black Tree Designs Cretan archers, Crusader & OG Spanish Scutarii, Foundry Germans, and a bag worth o' Old Glory landsknechts.


  1. Looking good! So how many units of Romans is that?

  2. Seems like I've done more, but it is a mere four units, with eight more still to get paint. One is on the table, primed & ready, another is cleaned & awaiting primer, the remaining six are still in a bin under the painting table.

    I need to keep focused!

  3. I have painted that very same pug as a gift for my now wife. I told her she was getting a puppy.

    Looking forward to seeing those OG landsknechts. I have been curious about them for a while.