31 January 2010

More Lictors

I painted up some Foundry lictors that I managed to get on eBay (along with a few other Roman bits.) They're a little smaller than the ones I converted from Wargames Factory figures, or any other Roman figures I've got. I tried taking a few pics, but the only one to come out was one of them escorting a Roman character from Crusader Miniatures.

They're nice clean sculpts, and the fasces are, obviously, much better than the ones I did. I'd like to make a second (improved) attempt at converting a couple, but I'm not certain what I'm going to do with all these lictors! (1:1 scale skirmishes in the streets of Rome? Actually doesn't sound like a bad idea...)


  1. Chaosium makes an RPG supplement for Rome in the Basic Roleplaying range - so maybe all those lictors would have another use! Of course, you'd have to be into role-playing in historical periods. They do look lovely, though.


  2. I hear Gorgon Studios plan on making a sort of 'Streets of Rome' range in the near future which focuses on 1:1 encounters.

    I have the figure in the middle, going to use him as the leader of the town militia. All very exciting!

  3. I'm hoping to try the Gorgon rules at some stage.

    Re Lictors, I think Aventine may up with some, too, at some point.

    Those may be small but they are very nicely painted!