13 February 2010

Crusader Minis German and Converted Skaven

First up...

One can never have too many ancient Germans. I'm not exactly in dire need at the moment, so I only purchased a few packs of the new Crusader Miniatures Germans because I'm a fan of his figures, I was placing an order for some other stuff anyway, and I was curious to see how they compared to other brands.

Excuse the photo, bad day with the camera, it seems. (I'll be working on a larger batch in the near future, but wanted to get one done for comparison first.)


...and unrelated... I painted up one of those last minute Skaven I mentioned in my last entry. I previously posted a pic of this in the raw. It's a Poisoned Wind Mortar from the new army book, for which there is no model. It's got bits from several sources, including some extra stuff added to the gas mask made from various plastic tubes cut & drilled out.

It's only supposed to occupy the 25x50 base, I think. Actually, that's a bit unclear as GW has not blessed us with such game information as base sizes or unit strength stats. So for the moment, I'm going with the base size of the older weapon teams. In this case, I included a loader (old 3rd ed. globadier) on a separate base -- he will just be ignored in game terms, and tag along with the guy lugging the mortar around on his back.


  1. Nice comparison shot - they all look fine together - the BTD being the biggest.

    That Skaven mortar crew is fantastic. I don't have any fantasy figures, but that piece would look great anywhere. Dean

  2. The Crusaders are pretty good. All four ranges fit together well, although I find the WF the least convincing.