03 February 2010

Mighty Empires: Year Two, Month Two

We finally wrapped up the remaining phases of Winter, cast our Spring Equinox Magic and campaigned for the first two months of Year Two.

The Espionage phase was fairly uneventful. The only aggressive player was the Lizardmen (blue). Chaos (red) and Skaven (pink) played defensively, sending agents into the field to diffuse any potential trouble. The Lizards made an assassination attempt on the Orc (yellow) warlord, and attempted spying on the Goblins (green) -- both failed.

Equinox magic was a little more interesting. Several storms were summoned up, all in the unfortunate Orc realm, as well as an earthquake that leveled the Orc city on the coast (now being fought over in the map above.) The Skaven failed to cast a similar storm on the Goblin capital. An undead host was also rose from the ground beaneath the Lizardmen's feet in hex E7.

The Lizards dealt with the undead in the first month, as their remaining banners, as well as half the Chaos forces, explored and expanded their empires. The Skaven also went on a bit of an expansion binge, much to the chagrin of the Goblins, razing two fortresses and a village (all former Goblin possessions) along the way. The Goblins moved into a neutral village to their north in the first month, which is now being contested by the western arm of the Skaven field army. The Orcs stayed holed up in their capital (well, stuck there by the storms, actually) losing troops to starvation, while the earthquake victims were invaded by the Lizard flotilla from across the bay.

Next week we have two battles to fight out: Lizards vs. Orcs, and Goblins vs. Skaven.


  1. Hello,

    it looks fun. I have been thinking of starting a mighty empire campaign for some time now. Any tip ? How often do you play ?

  2. If you click the "Mighty Empires" link/tag to the right on my blog (or at the bottom of this entry), it will bring up the other entries on the topic. I've made a few comments on how the rules have been running.

    We've had to make some adaptations "on the fly." We're using the original Mighty Empires rules, which were written for 3rd ed. WFB. We found some adaptations someone else made for 6th edition, which works with the current army composition rules. We've also been adapting 5th edition siege rules for the sieges (only one so far.)

    I think we're going to try a second one, once we've hammered out some of the changes we'd like to make based on this first campaign.

    So far it seems like it will be over pretty quickly for some people (Ogres and Orcs.) I think a larger map might be required for 6 players, next time.

    Traversing roads & rivers seems like it's too difficult as well. That was a large part of what doomed the Ogres. Their force got split by terrain and over the course of about three turns they couldn't unite to face the threat of a single banner worth of Lizards.

    I'll see if I can dig up the link to the adapted rules. The original ME rules are posted on the GW web site as a PDF.