09 February 2010

Still More Romans...

Back to another unit of legion, bringing my total up to 5. The next one is primed up and ready to go, but I will probably be doing some more Germans first. It helps keep me from getting burnt out on the Romans, plus... I got a few packs of the new Crusader Miniatures Germans and want to see how they turn out compared to the others.

I will also try to get an army shot very soon.

This unit of legion finishes off the most recent army selection I've been using at 2000 points in WAB. So I can now field 2000 vs 2000. I am running a couple of WAB demo games at Cold Wars in March, and my aim is to have about 2500 vs. 2500 points -- though I'm not strictly counting points for the game.

Once I'm done with the stuff for the demo game, I'm also planning on branching out into Alexander's Successors. In addition to the Germans, I picked up some pikemen from Crusader. Their boxed sets combined with the OG Army card is too good a deal to pass up.


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  2. Found your blog via Tentakel, and his reasoning on gaming psychographs.

    I've never played historical battles myself, since I like all the fantasy/scifi fluff (Guess that makes me a Ringo, eh? ;) )

    Do you agree that most historical gamers are more Ringo than Paul? If so, why?