21 February 2010

Siege at the Tower

I went to a WFB tournament at The Guard Tower, in Columbus, Ohio, today. This is the third year I've gone. It's a little over a 2 hour drive for me, and well worth it. Most of the other players are people see at other regional tournaments - largely COWS (Central Ohio Wargaming Slackers) members, and the environment is usually pretty relaxed. It's a nice store with 12 tables. I think we filled 11 this time.

I had planned on doing some battle reports, as I usually do. But I forgot my camera, and my phone took horrible photos. Also, between being sick and working on figures for the tournament, for my WAB demos at Cold Wars, and doing some stuff for my old game club, I'm a bit wargamed-out for the moment. So just a quick run down.

My three games were a massive victory against High Elves, a massive victory against Lizards, and a minor loss against Tomb Kings. I ended up winning the tournament overall.

I took a mixed Skaven list. It probably had more magic than I've ever used before (a lv. 4 and two lv. 2.) Sadly, magic did very little for me all day. The best shot was a "Cracks Call" that killed a tomb scorpion (though I had already hit it once before, plus blasted it with the lightning cannon, but rolled a 1 to wound it -- so it's time had come.) My "powerful stuff" was a plague furnace and an abomination. The rest was mainly just a bunch of troops.

My warp fire thrower continued as usual. It misfired ever time it shot, caused no casualties to my opponents, and not only killed piles of my own troops, but sent a unit of clanrats (with a warlock engineer) panicking.

The real downer is what I forgot was in my army. In my first two games I forgot to roll for my assassin and gutter runners to come on to the table until the last turn in each game -- so they were effectively of no use. In the third game I remembered to roll, and then deployed them, but then forgot to use them the turn they came on (to kill a liche priest,) then failed two fear tests the next turn and they ran right back off the table without doing anything. I also just realized today that I had put the Banner of the Underempire on my plague monks, but forgot I had it. So, effectively, I was playing without using about 210 points of my army all day long. I'll credit that to the fact that I'm just getting over the flu.

Like I said, not much in the way of photos. Below was about the best I could get. The left half of my army in the second game, against the lizards. From left to right are my slaves and abomination going up against cold one cavalry and skink skirmishers, plague censor bearers chasing terradons out of the woods, and my monks and their furnace closing in on skinks, kroxigors, and a stegidon (in the woods). Beyond that, a big lizard on a carnisaur is eying my clanrats, hungrily.

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