05 February 2010

Mighty Empires: Random Thoughts

Just a bit of me my thoughts leaking out into my blog, regarding the recently posted update on our Mighty Empires WFB campaign.

I feel a bit like a rodent version of Hannibal. Maybe I'll rename my Skaven warlord to "Handleball" or something crudely similar. I've crossed the mountains down into the land of the goblins. For the most part, they've sought refuge in their capital city, where I probably have little chance of taking them by force. In the meantime, I ravage the countryside and turn their empire to my side. Winning battles but not the war. (I'm not even certain fighting the gobbos is the best thing to do, but I'm a a bit cramped for space in my little corner of the campaign map!)

I need to model a new Abomination to look a bit like a twisted rodent version of an elephant. ;)

So I'm wondering if it will all end poorly for me, as it did for Hannibal? Here's hoping there's no Zama in the Skaven future.

Next Wednesday's battle doesn't seem like it should be an important battle, but I think the results will actually influence the course of the remaining year for the Skaven.


I am thinking of trying to adapt the Mighty Empires campaign system to Ancients. I think with a few tweaks, I think I may try to manage something.

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  1. I'm always on the look-out for campaign ideas, and translating Mighty Empires to Ancients sounds really good. Do let us know how it goes!