03 February 2011

For Sale: Unpainted

For Sale

I'm in the US. Buyer pays postage. Everything is either still in its original packaging, or still on the sprue, if opened.

I will list painted figures separately. I may also have some painted/unpainted historicals to list. I have to decide how desperate I am and what I am willing to part with at this time.

Photos of many of the items available here:


- Battalion (still shrinkwrapped in box)
- 10 Unassembled Clanrats (includes all bits: bodies, shields, handweapons, spears, standard and musician.)
- 40 Unassebled Clanrats (complete clanrats from Island of Blood box)
- 10 Unassembled Plague Monks (includes extra arms and other bits)

High Elves
- Island of Blood set (still on sprue)
(Or take it for $30 and I keep the griffin.)

- Repanse de Lyonesse


Space Marines

Predator Annihilator $30
Rhino $23
Land Raider $43
Bike Squad $31
Bike Squad $31
Land Speeder $20
Land Speeder $20
Land Speeder $20
Land Speeder Typhoon $20

SM Infantry Pile: 2 scouts, 3 space wolf scouts, 2 scout heavies, 5 heavy weapon marines, 2 leaders, one cloak, 1 jump pack
Marine & Space Wolf bits
All SM Infantry: $100

Forge World Land Raider Promethius conversion kit $11

Imperial Guard

IG Infantry: Nork Deddog, Solar Macharius, Yarrik, Old Inquisitor in Term. Armour, 2 Officers
All IG Infantry: $60


Ghazghkull Thraka $24


Artemis $20

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