18 February 2011

WFB Terrain

Considering that terrain plays a greater part in 8th edition, I've been bit by the bug to work up some new terrain.

Some of the new stuff I'm working on. First the small items I did last night in a fit of simple inspiration. I've altered a few of these a bit from the book descriptions (which are usually vague anyway):

Magic Circle and Sorcerous Gateway (fairy ring):

Bane Stone and Elven Waystone (warpstone):

And another project I am working on, these will probably get used for the Blood Forrest and Wildwood, as both are "angry tree" terrain pieces:


  1. I too have been building specialized terrain for Song of Blades and Heroes games.That includes a dead city for my Lizardmen!

  2. I like the idea of themed terrain. I think after I get a lot of these done, I may try to make a few army-specific pieces. Like some themed to the Skaven army. (I already started with the "Elven Waysone" by making it a chunk of Warpstone.)