28 February 2011

WWI Early War French (for sale)

I'm continuing to clean out some of my old figures. These are from yet another one of my projects that never really got off the ground.

I've got 21 Early War French that I'm going to put up for sale. The photo below shows 10 of them. The remaining 11 need to be based, but otherwise match the figures below and include another officer. All figures are from Renegade Miniatures. The bases are 1" washers.

If they don't sell in the next week or so, I'm shipping them out with friends to the Cold Wars flea market. I'm looking for $150 for the whole bunch.


  1. Ah, those are very nice. I'm sure you'll sell those easily. Hope you don't regret selling them later :)! Regards, Dean

  2. I do have a soft spot for these figures, and the early French uniforms in general.

    I figure if 8 years (or whatever its been) go by and I've barely painted 20 figures for a game for which I'd like to have hundreds... it's time to either get motivated or get out.

    At this point I've got other things I'd like to focus on. For the time being. But I figure if they don't sell, then fate is telling me to go back to WWI!