23 February 2011

More WFB Terrain

Two more. Arcane Ruins and something I haven't decided. The elf was from a tournament trophy I won a long time ago. It was stored in a box in the basement and got a bit smashed up. I just found it again while packing up my office/studio for a move. Thought I'd turn it into terrain. I'll probably call it a Sinister Statue... from a Skaven point of view. Or I could use it as an Elven Waystone, I suppose.


  1. I like statue terrain. Has a suitably sinister air.

  2. Nice and that's one large Elven statue!


  3. He's especially Sinister from a Skaven point of view. :)

    I just finished re-reading the Lord of the Rings. I had wanted to do that after the films were all released, but just now got around to it.

    At any rate, I was tempted to knock the head off the statue, put it on the ground, and put a "rock" in its place, painted with a Skaven symbol.