11 February 2011

Munny Tree

Although it's only sort of peripherally related to the toy soldier hobby that was the theme of this blog when I started, I thought I'd continue posting some of the other toy & sculpting updates in my life.

So I've wrapped up the custom Mini Munny I had previously been working on. The "Rabid Squabbit" will be entered in a custom vinyl toy show at the beginning of next month.

I'm not entirely happy with how things turned out. I will consider it a "learning experience," however. I still like the form & concept -- I've just got a lot of issues with the level of finish. My wife & friends have told me I'm being picky, but I think that's the point.

Since I replaced the existing head with a freshly sculpted one, I figured I'd try doing something with the head. I had a couple of ideas, but for some reason I kept coming back to concepts involving trees. So here's the basic skeleton worked out. So far it's made with the obvious Munny head, plus florist wire (mainly uncoated 18 gauge,) a fender washer and a bunch of epoxy putty.

Next I will work out the general shape of some roots (though it's pretty well balanced so far!) then bulk everything out, ads some smaller branches, and then apply a finish coat over the entire tree surface. Finally, of course, I will paint it. Or work out some sort of deal with someone else who wants it or wants to paint it.

I'm thinking the head should have been up higher, and at least one small branch should have been coming out the side of the head.

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