16 October 2011

Blogger Image Formatting (Lightbox) - Disabling

For those who dislike the new "Lightbox" image display for Blogger, you have the option to turn it off on your blog (as I have).

Go to Settings --->  Formatting ---> Open images in Lightbox ---> and then select "no" and save your settings.

My problem with it is that it is very slow, especially on my lousy internet connection, and it often just hangs on image heavy blogs. So I end up not bothering with looking at peoples pictures. Lightbox really is a case of "bloggers answer to a question nobody was asking."


  1. !!!! That was easy..I´ve read (on TMP etc) that you had to do this and that and the other so being bloody useless with computer stuff i didn´t bother.
    Thanks...excellent tip

  2. I didn't know you could do that, its really getting on my nerves, I shall remove it straight away!!!!

  3. Great, I didn't like that lightbox thing. It was annoying to try and get a zoomed view of picture too.