22 October 2011

New GW Terrain - "By The Power Of..."

Let me just start with this (not my graphic)...

...because that was one of the first things I thought of when I saw this...

GW has some great ideas, skill and quality. Sadly, they kill it with an obnoxious obsession with plastering everything with SKULLZ. That tower? Would buy two of them if it wasn't for the SKULLZ overdose. New Forge World Empire hero? The SKULLZ barding is too much. That last tower they released? Same thing, far too many SKULLZ for my taste. There's such thing as trying to maintain a certain style... and then there's a point at which you go too far overboard and become a caricature of yourself. Sadly, that is what has happened with someone(s) in the creative department at GW.

But other than the OMFGSKULZZZ of the above tower, I think its great. It's got a whimsical fantasy character that I love, but not in a cheesy fantasy way. Like the building with a ship for the top floor that has appeared in some of their photos.


  1. I was looking for a good description of my personal "too much skulls" - limit. I found one:
    I don't like terrain, when there are more skullz than on castle Grayskull :)
    This is another stupid GW-Tower, totally cluttered and with to much skulls.

  2. In its defense,it is named "Skullvane",and I'm quite sure somebody will buy it,thus perpetuating a false sense of needing more skulls...

  3. Totally agree with you 023. The skulls have gove over the top on their new terrain. Now I was not a fan of most of the terrain that GW has put together in the past, but I really dont like what they have in their current stock. I have gone to Hirst Arts for all of my major building projects lone ago, in addition to making my own terrain from scratch.