21 October 2011

On the Flexibility of Fantasy Wargaming

OK, I am admittedly on a path continuing to diverge from the official GW canon. I don't care. I'm enjoying taking some creative liberties with what is a make-believe game in the first place. I'm running my first "take fantasy back" game this weekend and it's going to involve a whole lot of unofficial stuff. I admit, not only am I really getting into the barbarian invasion of the Empire idea, I think I'm going to start indulging in some heretical inter-Empire conflicts as well.

(OK, so strictly speaking Marienburg is outside the Empire. And my plan is to build a second Empire army, that of Nordland, and battle them against each other. And also the other armies some of my friends have.)

So back to my new fantasy figures...

I painted & converted a lesser air elemental/air spirit/djinn. The top half is an old Rackham Confrontation Kelt Fianna, the bottom half is wire and putty. A simple conversion, but I'm happy with the results! May her winds blow long in Marienburg sails!

Click to enlarge!


  1. Stuff the official cannon, mate. You go for it.

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