25 November 2011

Hail Caesar, DBA and Fall In Loot Collection

Had a #000000 Friday mini game day. Well, very mini, just four of us and it the games only lasted a few hours.

First up was our first trial game of Hail Caesar. Metellus Pius and his Romans on the left, Lucius Hirtuleius with a mixed force of Spanish, Celtiberians and a pair of Roman legions. It was a small game with two commands on each side.

On the far end of the battlefield, the Celtiberians broke, but not after wearing down the Romans including the one unit of veterans. On the near side, the Roman led Spanish smashed through the Metellus' nameless (and incompetent) subcommander's division.

The Sertorian faction stays in control of Spain... for the moment.

There were a few bumps in learning the new rules, but we still finished in less than 2 hours. Overall, I liked the rules. I'd like to see some larger games, especially after getting to know the rules a little better. Overall, though, I like Hail Caesar so far. Not sure if I'm as instantly fond of the rules as I was with Black Powder, though.

Next up was a bit of experimental DBA, Alexander v. Porus. The brown strip was actually a (muddy?) river, which turned out a bit difficult to cross. The Indians won a cheap victory by raiding the Macedonian camp and taking down Alexander.

I also got to pick up the loot I had a friend pick up for me at Fall In: "Last Argument of Kings," some landsknecht casualties from Artizan (they were out of the looters) and a 1/72 Esci SE5a. I also took the copy of "Trench Wars" that he didn't sell at the flea market off his hands.


  1. We've found it very desirable to have a second line in HC; they support the first line in combat, and if a unit in the first line breaks, they stop the enemy rolling up the rest of the line.

    I cautiously like HC, but find I'm still struggling to master the rules after 4 games.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. A reserve in HC is a definite advantage.

  3. That was one of my comments after the game. We all spread out in a line, but I was particularly worried about being enveloped, so tried to swing some light cavalry around the flank -- not easy to do given the ease of movement in HC (and the "small" table.)

    I like that it encourages a bit of depth/support and holding a reserve. I've found little value in holding a reserve in WAB which has been the most common ancients rules I've played for a while.

    I'm really looking forward to playing some more, and hopefully larger, games. Time to get painting more ancients! (Rev up the wargamer ADD!)

  4. A reserve in HC is a fine idea! 3 lines might even work... more painting! :-) Simon

  5. I saw your book several weeks ago.Very nice,but I'm waiting for the AWI supplement,which I understand wont be much longer.Same friend picked up some Blue Moon AWI generals.Perhaps we should call him St.Nick(behind his back,of course).

  6. I'd like to see the AWI supplement for Black Powder as well.

    My only criticism of the book (Last Argument of Kings) so far is the way its organized, with everything being intermixed & scattered throughout the book. I would have preferred if the lists & special rules were all grouped at the end. Or beginning, I suppose. Or even the middle. Just put all the game mechanics stuff in one place, and the history & scenarios in another.

  7. Are you going to Cold Wars? I'd really like to,and I'd like to do a big BP AWI game there(you know,the Saturday night game).I havent tried Hail Caeser yet,its just been sitting in my book rack.As usual,I've got my fingers in many other pies.

  8. I'll be at Cold Wars. Would love to play in your AWI game. I really like BP, but don't have any figures and between work and the little one, things are progressing pretty slowly. (And I'm not starting anything new until I get make significant progress on what I've already got lined up!)

    I plan on running some ancients at Cold Wars. What rules I will use, I'm not certain yet. I'd like to play some more Hail Caesar. I like it so far, but one game is not enough.